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A message from our president

Minnesota family:

The National Association of Asian American Professionals of MN (NAAAP MN) serves community members by providing a space to exchange ideas and experiences, and to learn and grow from one another. We are shifting the dynamic together for corporations, small business owners, nonprofits, creative artists, and students. By sharing personal experiences and empowering each other, we can break barriers that hinder our growth and collectively pursue our goals – both in our personal and professional lives.

We promote professional, personal, and community development conversations through our network and events, corporate forums and the NAAAP MN community outreach and wellness programs. To collaborate, inspire, and drive change we are committed to delivering a truly compelling experience for our community, and in an effort to take preventative measures regarding the coronavirus, we may host virtual conferences and workshops rather than in-person depending on state developments.

When it comes to what’s possible for in-person and virtual events, there are so many possibilities in how we serve our community, whilst also taking care of ourselves and our families.


Thank you,


Diksha Maurya

[email protected]