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Past Events, Sponsors, and Partners

Land O' Lakes x NAAAP MN


This year, the Asian Affinity Connection ERG has partnered with NAAAP (The National Association of Asian American Professionals) to host a two-part series of events surrounding Asians in the agricultural field within Minnesota. Our goal is to shed light on Asian farmers and the positive impact that they have within the Minnesota community.

With that, you are invited to an on-farm tour! We’ve partnered with HAFA (Hmong American Farmers Association) Farms to provide a hands-on farm experience as part of our first event within this series. This tour will include education and learning about the history, art, and lived experiences of our local Hmong American farmers that many of you are familiar to be the heart and soul of our beloved Farmer’s Markets. 


Wells Fargo x NAAAP MN


We are excited to partner with Wells Fargo on the Asian American Leadership Summit!

The AALS will be over two days and will focus on financial well being and professional development, and will be virtual.


U.S. Bank x NAAAP MN


With so many divisive forces battering us from all directions, what can Asian American professional women do to find and support allies across race? The Together series, in partnership with U.S. Bank, will kick off with a conversation about allyship between Black and Asian colleagues in our workplaces. Some enterprise resource groups focus on specific diverse groups (eg Black Employee Network and East-West Exchange for Asian colleagues) and others provide a forum for multiple diverse groups (eg Diverse Colleagues Enterprise Resource Group). What opportunities, insights and challenges do these differently focused enterprise groups see? How can our enterprise resource groups continue to push forward to build Black-Asian allyship?


TEK Systems x Best Buy x NAAAP MN

Together, TEKsystems, Best Buy and the National Association of Asian American Professionals (NAAAP) Minnesota Chapter are proud to host the virtual Asian American Leadership Summit.

The Asian American Leadership Summit (AALS) aspires to build the next generation of leaders through authentic relationships, focused leadership development and a space to share knowledge and talent.

Join us through a series of four sessions to meet and learn from diverse leaders and hear a range of perspectives, ideas and conversations focused on Asian experiences, stories and career paths. Together, we’ll create meaningful dialogue that explores how to thoughtfully progress toward a more included and empowered culture for our Asian professional community and beyond.


GIN Consulting Group x NAAAP MN


In this interactive workshop, you will start to see all the hats you wear when it comes to living life. You will be able to relook at your life trajectory and see where your leadership blind spots are that may hinder your team or personal performance.

Join us to gain the tools and knowledge to:

1. Create alignment within all facets of your life by clarifying your vision, mission and values.
2. Gain insights on how to be intentional with strategy and execution for effective implementation.

Living intentionally with purpose starts with having direction and goals that you are willing to make sacrifices for whatever the costs are. Clearly identify your vision, mission and and values needed to meet your future goals.


Cargill x NAAAP MN


This series will focus on the corporate experience at various companies from an Asian affinity lens and touch on the finding sponsorship and support, and tackling challenges.


Target x NAAAP MN


This event is hosted by Women in NAAAP MN and the Asian Business Council, Target's Asian employee resource group. The webinar will include a panel discussion by some of Minnesota's leading women professionals, followed by an optional small-group discussion.


Faegre Drinker x Mel Shipman x NAAAP MN


Women in NAAAP Minnesota is partnering with U.S. Bank to bring to you a webinar on 'The Art of Negotiation'. You will hear from our guest speakers, Mel Shipman (Certified Life Coach, Author, Speaker) and Lica Tomizuka (Real Estate Partner at Faegre Drinker).